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Extendable hallway storage, designed to make efficient and aesthetic use of the entrance space in every home.

The entrance/hallway space to every household is the first thing you and your guests see when entering your home. A space you would want to be as appealing and welcoming as possible often finds itself cluttered with coats, shoes and other personal effects. In the urban home this entrance space is generally less forgiving than what can be found in any rural semi-detached household. It can be extended by the user to suit their own storage needs, it extends to fit your home so there's no need to get the tape measure out to see if it will fit or not. It was important to ensure that the storage system was freestanding and not fixed to the walls in any way; this allows the design to reach out to as many people as possible living in urban environments. Including those in rented accommodation where fixing to walls and floors can get you into bother with the landlord. The design itself is made from Oak hardwood ideally finished with an oil or lacquer seal, the lateral supports and extending pieces including the coat hook pattresses are made from thin steel tubing with an epoxy powder coated finish. The hooks would be made from a matching hardwood and the storage pouches would be constructed using felt fabric which would be reinforced at the back for stability. The design extends one hook at a time in 90mm intervals to give overall widths from 800-1500mm, the overall depth is 400mm and the height is 1500mm.

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